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Vehicle services

We aim to keep the air conditioning system of your vehicle operating as well as it was originally designed to do.

We service all cars including British, European, Japanese, American and sports cars.

Autokool Air ConditioningAUTOKOOL Ltd handles both older R12 refrigerant systems (pre-1992 approx) as well as all modern R134a refrigerant systems. For the older R12 systems it is now impossible, due to environmental legislation, to offer this product. Our solution is to offer a retrofit service to R134a. This refrigerant solves the problem and considerable expense of having to completely retrofit your system to work with other non compatible blends of refrigerant.

We can convert your system over to accommodate the widely available R134a refrigerant.

This service is particularly useful to clients wishing to keep their classic and older cars in perfect condition for the warmer summer months.

We use a highly sophisticated refrigerant analyser to check your existing system refrigerant and can identify the type (correct or otherwise) and its state of purity. If contaminated we can recover this refrigerant and dispose of it safely, protecting the environment and meeting with all current legislation.

Alternatively if your refrigerant is pure enough we are able to recover and recycle it which both helps the environment and could save you money.

Modern Workshop Facilities

A variety of leak testing techniques are available at our disposal including high pressure testing using environmentally safe pure Oxygen free Nitrogen, Ultra Violet dye and an electronic refrigerant sniffer.

We can apply these individually or if necessary collectively to ensure we find and cure any elusive leaks.

Access to specialist parts suppliers ensures we can locate the right part for your vehicle, usually within 48 hours if we do not stock it ourselves.We offer a full fitting service and can accommodate most requests to suit your busy schedule.